Tenen v. Winter  6:94-cv-7934
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Dear Friends,

www.danwinter.com has been transferred to the Plaintiffs, Stanley and Cynthia Tenen and Meru Foundation, by order of Hon. Judge Charles J. Siragusa, of the US Federal District Court for the Western District of New York in Rochester.

The Court has taken this action because Mr. Winter has refused to respond to the Court.  He has refused to show up for hearings, for depositions, and to show cause why he should not continue to be held in contempt of court for his many violations of the Court's orders. This is not a matter of censorship.  There is an arrest warrant for Mr. Winter filed with the United States Federal Marshals' Service, and he is a fugitive.   It is the Court's way of using its discretionary powers to encourage Mr. Winter to appear in Court in the United States, and for deposition, as he has been ordered to do.  The idea is to get Mr. Winter's attention, not to censor him.  (The three most recent Court Orders, listed and linked to below, make this clear.)

For the time being, this website includes an index of posted documents, the Court's orders including Mr. Winter's Corrective Notice, a list of copyright-violating works, and excerpts from related sworn depositions and affidavits by recognized professionals, who are either expert witnesses or eyewitnesses.

We are planning to address Mr. Winter in an open letter, to be posted here in the near future.  In the meantime, we ask all of those who are interested in the ideas that have brought them to this site to read the index and summaries listed below.  It is very important that everyone understand the most important issue is not a matter of property, or slander.  Nor is it a matter of Mr. Winter's admitted plagiarism, and willful and malicious behavior.  The most important issue is that the materials presented by Mr. Winter are not only taken from the works of others, but that he is deliberately  misrepresenting those works.  In other words, social, political, personal, and legal issues aside, the materials presented by Mr. Winter are bogus.  Mr. Winter actually bragged  -- when he was first confronted about his lying -- that he knew that what he was presenting (particularly with regard to the golden mean and the golden spiral) was untrue, but that his audiences -- in his words -- were "too stupid to know the difference."

This is the reason why you should consider informing yourself about the facts.  The problem is not that Mr. Winter is selling stolen goods.  That is a problem, but it's not the worst problem.  The problem is that when you open the metaphoric box of ideas that Mr. Winter is always advertising, the box is empty, or full of things that are untrue.  Mr. Winter is not "liberating secrets".  It is as if he is selling stolen cars that don't even have engines.  (Metaphorically, of course -- thankfully, Mr. Winter is not actually selling cars. <smile>)

Also, by admitting -- bragging -- that "my audiences are too stupid to know the difference," Mr. Winter is expressing contempt for his own audiences.  This is not science.  This is quackery.  Mr. Winter has no credentials.  He has no publications.  He has no colleagues.  His representations of accomplishments are false, and his reputation is that of a con artist.  Mr. Winter's victims are his audience.  That is why he has such contempt for his audience.  This is why honest, caring people who are interested in the topics Mr. Winter discusses should turn their backs on him, and go instead to the honestly-presented original sources of the research.

If you have any influence on Mr. Winter, or any interest in helping him, then we ask you to help him to keep the promises he made, and to honor the court's orders.

And finally, there should be no doubt of who is telling the truth here, because in fact, the first order posted here, entitled Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order which the court issued as an Order after reviewing the evidence, was actually composed by Mr. Winter and the attorney he hired.  In other words, the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order is Mr. Winter's personal admission of guilt and responsibility.

Mr. Winter and his attorney -- in order to conclude the lawsuit -- swore before the Court  that Mr. Winter was effectively an impostor, that he had plagiarized and bastardized the works of Stan Tenen and the Meru Foundation, that he had acted willfully and maliciously, and all the rest of it.  So when you are reading the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order, you are reading Mr. Winter's statement, and Mr. Winter's side of the story.  Mr. Winter's unsworn statements which he now makes in public are his way of attempting to discount what he admitted to in Court.  These statements are not under oath, and these statements were not reviewed by an impartial US Federal Court judge.  Thankfully, we enjoy freedom of speech, and that includes the freedom to lie.  The facts are what was sworn to and reviewed by the court.

Please help all those who care about these issues to understand the facts.

One further thought.  Dishonest people, and people who enjoy hurting others -- like Mr. Winter -- count on the fact that the vast majority of healthy, caring, well-intended people are not suspicious by nature, and accept what they are told at face value.  This is good.  Decent, caring people should not have to be suspicious, and should not need to double-check every claim that is made.  But unfortunately, this means that decent, caring people, young and old, students and professionals, are easily deceived by people like Mr. Winter, who go to so much trouble to deceive them.

No one who has been taken in by Mr. Winter's claims should feel badly.  This is not anything to be ashamed of.  The fact is that even the best informed and most careful people can be deceived by a determined liar. Please, if you did not immediately realize the truth about Mr. Winter and his claims, do not feel foolish, and please be respectful and understanding to other caring people when you speak with them. That's the golden rule.

If you have any questions, or need further information, please contact us via email:  danwinter-corrective@tripod.com .

Yours truly,
Board of Directors,
Meru Foundation

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